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We believe that in today’s day and age we couldn’t afford to open just another online jewelry shop. 

We had to find what sets us apart from everyone else. And we found it! 

No, we will not portrait a perfect photoshopped jewelry on a white background polished on photoshop! Ok fine, we will sometimes. 

But we offer more than that!

Our purpose and essence is to create Style. 

   Many of our clients come to our shop with their outfit and we consult with them on how to enhance it and compliment it best with jewelry. 

It’s not just the outfit, but jewelry looks and feels different depending on people’s skin complexion and texture. 

More than that we know which jewelry compliments each other and we are skilled in building up a whole look for the 4 piercing on your left ear, or perfect stacked look for your fingers and wrist.

   “Is your jewelry real gold?” We get that question a lot!

Although we do sell 14K Gold jewelry and Diamonds, (certificate of authenticity can be provided upon request) a vast majority of our collection is in “Vermeil”. 

   What’s that? 

It’s quite complicated but in short it’s a combination of gold silver and titanium which renders a metal tougher and more shock resistant than Gold (you heard right!) 

Vermeil is also more shiny, doesn’t fade, enough said!

By the way Real 14K Gold is not Real Gold. Its only 66% gold. Anyhow, we know jewelry, but we are more interested in knowing you! 

    Anna provides a unique and engaging approach thru social media by acting as an influencer and consultant to transcend her vibrant unique look onto you.

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