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Wearing your jewelry:

Here’s some practical pieces of advice that can help you keep your new acquisition in great condition for a long time.

The rule of thumb is to pick a jewelry according to your activity (Sapphire Tear Drops for Zumba: Not a good idea). However, even if your activity doesn’t involve some intense and sudden moves, below are some practices to avoid while wearing Very Anna pieces, or for that matter any jewelry:


  • Washing your hands: soap deposits can easily slip into our hand-crafted crevices and tarnish your piece of jewelry.
  • Using corrosive products, not only common in a chemical plant, but widely present in gardening products, surface cleaning sprays and dishwashing soaps. It can damage precious stones.
  • Putting on perfume and makeup (chemicals again…). We are in the business in making you beautiful, we know how important perfume and makeup are! So do that first, and wear jewelry last.
  • Exposing precious stones to strong heat, that can be damaging.


Storing your jewelry:

A piece of jewelry can easily scratch another. Did you know that precious stones are much tougher than the metal they are set on? – Therefore, stones can scratch other metals. All you have to do is to always store each piece of jewelry individually in its case or travel pouch.

One good tip to store pendants or other necklaces is to always close your chain clasp to prevent knots from forming.


Caring for your Jewelry:

Although our pieces are designed to last, the mark of time can sometime be noticeable. Here’s how you can make them look their best again.

Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver:

Place warm water in a bowl, and add a small amount of mild dish detergent. Drop your Gold Vermeil jewelry in and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a soft baby toothbrush or baby hair brush to gently scrub then rinse and dry thoroughly. You can give it a final touch with a polishing cloth. Don’t use just any cloth, polyester and other synthetic cloth can have small pieces of wood that can cause tiny scratches.



Silver is the backbone of Gold vermeil pieces. However at it raw stage it has a tendency to tarnish rather quickly.
Silver should be stored in airtight environment like in a plastic bag. The contact with air is the main factor of silver tarnish.  
If your silver is tarnished don’t you worry! It is reversible. No reason to blame mother nature; you can many home remedies online that will bring it back to its original state.

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