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About us

Formerly known as My Anna Jewels and evolving in 2018 to Very Anna. The story indeed started in 2010, where ANNA ABIHSSIRA then started her career in jewelry at a wholesale jewelry manufacturer based in Montreal, Canada.

Anna was rapidly recognized for her leadership skills and discerned taste and sense of style.

Very Anna is more of  a language or one may say a cult.

Our clients should be not merely purchasing a piece of jewelry; they are becoming part of our story by emulating the mix and matches of jewelry pieces posted by Anna’s social medias.

At Very Anna it is personal, our staff is available around the clock to advise on what to purchase based on your style and occasion.

Our brand may grow but our service is designed to make you feel like our only customer.

We pride ourselves on customer care and assistance so don’t hesitate to chat with us on social media or by email we are surprisingly available you shall see…

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